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Welcome to, home of the world's only UV/VIS Calibration Standards that never need recalibration due to material aging! For years, we have specialized in providing quality quartz cuvettes, cells and microfluidic chips to help researchers get their work done more efficiently, comfortably and safely. We offer unique high-quality products manufactured with the precision that our customers have come to rely upon. Our product line includes a wide range of accessories including UV/VIS calibration standards, a fully complete UV cuvette line for spectrophotometers and fluorometers, plastic disposable cuvettes, micro cells, cell washers, and much more! Precision Cell's catalog offering represents the most popular types and sizes of cuvettes according to the requirements of our customers. If you can not locate what you need, please feel free to contact us. Note: As of March 4 2015 we will no longer be offering Tosoh Quartz products.

NIST-Traceable UV/VIS/NIR Calibration Reference Standards Now Available

Solid-state nano-deposition reference standards for spectrophotometers.
  • Never have to be replaced or recalibrated
Calibration Standards

The Micro Focus Cell: now 45% more affordable!

NSG's Micro Focus Cell is the essential tool for ultra-low volume spectroscopy
  • Enables sample sizes all the way down to 1.9ul
  • Perfect for high-quality DNA/RNA assays
  • NSG is now able to offer this at an unbeatable price!
Micro Focus Cell

Microplate Reference Standards

  • We are currently offering a full range of 96 well plate reference standards including adapters that enable our UV/VIS/NIR calibration standards to be used in a microplate reader.
  • Plates enable validation for absorbance, luminescence and fluorescence.
Microplate Standards

New Low Volume Fluorescence Flow Cell!

  • Precision Cells has now released a new low volume cell to allow for HPLC and fluorescence measurements with a sample size of 20 microliters!
Low Volume Flow Cell

Flow Cells with M6 Threaded Connectors

Tablet dissolution flow cells with M6 threaded connectors

  • We offer both fully black quartz tablet dissolution cells and cells with aluminium casing.
  • All cells contain M6 screw on threaded connectors that can withstand 75psi of pressure.
Tablet Dissolution Cells

Flow Cytometry Cells

  •     Custom and standard flow cytometry cells
  •     Fast delivery on custom and stock orders
  •     Quick and easy quotation process
  •     100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Flow Cytometry Cells