Custom Cuvette, Flow Cytometry Cell and Flow Cell Manufacturing

History of Precision Cells Flow Cell & Flow Cytometer Cell Manufacturing

Precision Cells has been custom manufacturing glass and quartz cuvettes and flow cells for over five decades.  During these 50 years Precision Cells have amassed immense knowledge of how to best assemble, polish, anneal, and we have fine tuned our glass and quartz manufacturing so that the end products are not only best in price but also are finest in quality.

Precision Cells is well known for having the shortest lead times in the flow cell industry.  Companies have come to depend on us for their critical optical components due to our lighting fast on-time deliveries and the peace of mind knowing that their order will arrive when needed.

Limitless Design Capabilites

Utilizing our acquired knowledge of quartz and glass manufacturing, we are able to make virtually anything out of these materials.  Below is a short list of our capabilities, if the custom cuvette is not listed below please contact us.

  • Flow Cytometry Cells
  • Micro Flow Channel Cuvettes
  • HPLC detector Cells
  • Modifications on Standard Stock Cuvettes
  • Liquid Chromatography (LC) Cuvettes
  • Quartz Plates and Discs
  • Quartz Microfluidic Chips
  • Cuvettes for Particle Counting
  • Flow Cells for Particle Sizers
  • Cuvettes for UHV (ultra high vacuum)

How Do I Request a Quotation?

It's easy for us to prepare a quotation for the part you need.  All we need to get started is a rough sketch with dimensions and tolerances.  What we will do is take your sketch, make any enhancements if necessary, ask any questions that need to be addressed, and in a day or two you will be presented with your custom quotation. 

The Precision Cells Custom Manufacturing Guarantee

Every cuvette and flow cell that we manufacture carries the same Precision Cells guarantee.  What this means for you, our loyal customers, is peace of mind that the parts you receive will have been thoroughly inspected by our ISO certified inspection team in our Class 5 clean room.  Our inspection process will check your part(s) for optical, physical, and if needed, functional defects.  The flow cells or cuvettes you receive will be made to the exact dimensions and tolerances that you specified, no exceptions.

We do not stop working once we ship the parts to you. If a cuvette or flow cell leak or have some other problem, we will investigate the matter in depth until it is resolved.  Precision Cells follows up to make sure that the cells are functioning as intended.  If the cuvettes or flow cells are not working as intended, we will help troubleshoot problems right along side you.

Benefits for Using Precision Cells for Your Custom Design Needs

  • Best Pricing on Small and Large Quantities
  • Fastest Shipping For Custom Designs
  • Fast and Easy Quotation Process
  • Precision Cells is a World Leader in Glass and Quartz Manufacturing
  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Customer Service and Support
  • No Minimum Order Quantities
  • Custom Engraving/Labeling Available

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