Glossary / Matching


Matching primarily means that the cuvettes are made out of materials which have transmission properties within 1% of each other. Accordingly, it is the testing of absorption directly through the path length of a cuvette and does not address any parameters used in fluorimetry.

A poor cuvette can appear matched since measuring a cuvette with no sample does not test the precision of the path length nor the dimensional quality of the windows. As high caliber cuvettes from major manufacturers like Precision Cells have become the standard and apparatuses have improved, the concept of matching has turned out to be less significant.

At the point that all parameters are sustained to a high degree the cuvette is "matched" by the fact that there is little distinction in any of the cuvettes of the same physical configuration, material and path length. Precision Cells manufacture cuvettes with high tolerances that provide superior matching.