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Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 1050 Offers Efficiency across the Whole UV/Vis/NIR Range

Perkin Elmer Life and Analytical Sciences, a global leader in application-focused measurement and analysis options, announced the launch of a brand new spectrophotometer capable of testing a significantly expanded vary of superior supplies, which include extremely reflective and anti-reflective coatings, all forms of glass from clear to highly absorbing safety glass, and all forms of optical filters.

“The LAMBDA 1050 will aid material scientists in a very diverse variety of industries to accelerate the progress of engineered materials which includes individuals designed to enhance energy conservation or harness renewable energy sources,” said Richard Begley, President, Analytical Sciences, PerkinElmer, Inc. He additional, “The LAMBDA 1050 will offer researchers the versatility and handle they require to manage even the most demanding samples from the study laboratory to manufacturing validation.”

With its distinctive three-detector style, the LAMBDA 1050 has a complete scanning assortment from 175-3,300 nanometers. An InGaAs detector permits for expanded testing inside the 800-2,600 nanometer range for high sensitivity measurement within the near infrared.

The method may be the first commercially obtainable spectrophotometer to include a option of detector alternatives in a single instrument. High-performance InGaAs integrating spheres and a proprietary universal reflectance accessory offer far more correct measurement and higher versatility and sensitivity. Twin detachable sampling compartments for standard and customized applications give additional flexibility on the process.

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Cuvettes for the LAMBDA 1050

The LAMBDA 1050, as well as the other LAMBDA spectrophotometers, come with a standard 10 mm cuvette holder. Visit our Best Selling Cuvettes section to find the best cuvette for your experiment.

Important: Looking for a sub-micro cuvette for your LAMBDA machine?  The Z-Dimension (Centre Height) for all Perkin Elmer instruments is 15 mm.