Calibration Reference Standards Now Available

Calibration Reference Standards Now Available

Liquid and solid-state filters are typically calibrated by the filters manufacturers, and the corresponding filters performance certificates are supplied to customers.  Whereas solid-state filters typically maintain their performance for many years, performance of liquid filters degrades much quicker due to so-called slow irreversible chemical reactions, photonic-promoted chemical reactions, and certain other reasons.

Therefore, manufacturers of liquid filters typically request customers to replace liquid filters every 1 to 3 years.

Modern development of nano-technology allowed us to develop state-of art solid-state quantum resonance filters towards replacing liquid filters, such that customers can benefit from substantial savings on filtersí replacements.

Our proprietary nano-deposition and nano-embedded technology overcomes disadvantages of using solid-state filters comparably to liquid-based filters. Moreover, number of picks for calibration produced by our composite medium is quantum-harmonics' based and, therefore, the quality of achieved calibration of spectrophotometers are assured by fundamental principals of physics of harmonic wavelength relations, which is by far superior to asymmetric wavelength picks produced by a liquid medium.

Precision Cells is proud to now be carrying these high quality calibration kits for spectrophotometers.  You can view there kits on our Reference Standards page.

These kits are designed to provide the most exact calibration results so you will be confident that your spectrophotometer or spectrometer is giving you the correct information.  The best feature about these standards is that you only need to buy one kit and it will last you forever.  No need to recalibrate and they are easy to handle, they are designed to withstand the most cumbersome handling.