Calibration of UV Spectrophotometer

Calibration of UV Spectrophotometer

Through advanced technology Precision Cells is proud to offer the only spectrophotometer calibration standards that calibrates both in the VIS and UV range.  With over 50 years of proficiency and satisfied customers, Precision Cells matches or exceeds the NIST930e standards recognized by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), USA.

With specialties in high-quality designing and manufacturing in spectrophotometer cuvettes, flow cells, advanced calibration equipment, flow cytometry cuvettes and other fine quartz products; Precision Cells leads the silica industry.

The calibration of UV spectrophotometer has a vast collection of infinite properties that are not only reliable but cost effective. Using a solid state neutral density filter that is NIST compatible is critical for spectrophotometer calibration.  The Precision Cells calibration filters never have to be replaced. Additionally, the calibration filters are extremely precise and recalibration is never needed.

Utilizing prevailing advances in nanotechnology the Precision Cells quantum resonance filters for testing photometric precision of spectrophotometers has replaced many liquid filters. As compared to liquid filters that need to be replaced every 1 to 3 years due to deterioration from slow permanent chemical reactions and other factors, the PC solid-state filters sustain their performance for numerous years.

In the past solid state neutral density filters had considerable non-linearity across their surface causing significant impact to supposed expanded uncertainty as defined by NIST.  Yet with the recent development of the UV spectrophotometer calibration, Precision Cells has surmounted the said disadvantage of solid-state neutral density filters as well as preserved every advantage.  

The calibration of UV spectrophotometer kits that PC manufactures are NIST compatible and by far surpasses the standards.  Moreover, the UV spectrophotometer calibration kits are NIST traceable meeting the standards for measurements.

Furthermore, through using their composite medium, the solid-state neutral density filters for research and calibration offers customers NIST prescribed wavelengths as well as any wavelength within the optical wavelength ranges of operations with their quantum resonance filters. For example, the incomparable FUV-0.5 calibration filter can be used for wavelengths between 200 and 700 nanometers (nm).

The UV-VIS spectrophotometer calibration kits are solid and easy to handle and they utilize state-of-the-art technology. It has a wide assortment of features that will benefit and meet the needs of today’s laboratory scientists. Some of the countless highlighted attributes include the following:    

  • NIST compatible
  • No material aging
  • Never needs replaced
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Extremely precise calibrations
  • Saves time with no recalibration
  • Saves money with no expensive recalibration fees standard
  • 12.5 x 12.5 mm dimensions
  • Can be used in any UV/VIS spectrophotometer
  • Surpass and meets all the requirements of NIST930e standard

Also, Precision Cells has NIST traceable data tables and charts available for qualified customers who prefer them. As well, with the UV/VIS calibration kit additional features include the following:

The UV spectrophotometer calibration kits are an amazing novel advancement in Nano technology. It gives scientists the liberty of never having to procure or recalibrate another calibration kit. In summary, Precision Cells guarantee that their solid-state UV spectrophotometer calibration never needs to be replaced or recalibrated, can be used in any spectrophotometer, is user friendly and easy to handle.