Grab An Awesome Atago Salinity Refractometer Today

Precision Cells is proud to announce the newest additions to their growing refractometer line, the PR-100SA and S-10 E salinity refractometers.

Lastest Salinity Refractometer Innovations

Atago Inc. a worldwide leader in the refractometer industry has been manufacturing high grade salinity refractometers for decades.  Atago has their headquarters based out of Tokyo Japan.  The advantages of Japanese manufacturing are extremely clear.   Japanese standards ensure that each Atago refractometer that leaves the plant is in 100% working condition with only the finest optics installed.

The PR-100SA unit is extremely user friendly.  A user just simply takes a drop or two of the sample and apply it to the salinity refractometer stage, a few seconds later the digital display shows the exact data.  After taking the reading with the PR-100SA, the user just needs to wipe down the sample stage.  This allows for a rapid amount of tests to be run at one time.

One of the biggest benefits of the PR-100SA is that is water resistant so it can be cleaned by running it under the water for a few seconds.  Also, this unit can test salinity from 0 all the way up to 100% with a tolerance of +/-2%.

Lastly the PR-100SA utilizes External Light Interference (ELI) technology.  This cutting edge technology helps compensate for when the light waves interfere with the sensor.  This interference can cause inaccurate readings, but the PR-100SA unit informs the user if there is too much interference and will not allow a user to take a reading under these less than optimal conditions.  When the unit detects a high degree of direct light, the digital display will show a "nnn", so the user knows how to adjust their technique.

Hand-held Analog Salinity Refractometer

The S-10E is more of a tradition hand held refractometer.  This model does not come with any of the bells and whistles of the digital PR-100SA, but it does perform the same tasks flawlessly. 

The Atago S-10E is extremely user friendly.  A user can simply place a drop of sample on the optical prism, close the cover plate, and then the results can be seen by looking into the eye piece.  This unit is also easy to clean, and this can be done by a simple wiping of the optical prism.

Salinity Refractometer Uses

One of the most popular uses for a salinity refractometer is in setting up and maintaining salt water aquariums.  These refractometers are essential to assure that the aquarium water has the proper levels of salt.  The only accurate way of obtaining the salinity of the water is by utilizing a high quality digital or handheld salinity refractometer.

Other common uses are checking the salinity in reef ecosystems, which controls not only the salt balance, but also the levels of the ions in the water.  These factors are not measurable without one of these instruments and can cause potential dangers to aquatic life if left unmonitored.

When selecting the best unit, a user must go with a trusted name and not some cheap knock-off that comes on the market.  Any serious aquarist, marine biologist, scientist, etc. who needs the most precise results will find that having one of these premium Atago salinity refractometers is critical.