Easier DNA Quantification

Easier DNA Quantification

For decades scientists have been struggling with the vast amount of difficulties in performing DNA quantification experiments.  Factors such as human error, low grade equipment, and costs of samples, have made the DNA research field a challenging place for scientists.

New inventions are highly sought after in the DNA quantification world.  Scientists are always on the look-out for products or services that can make their jobs easier.  Well Precision Cells has listened to all the feedback, and they have produced the best new product for DNA quantification, the Micro Focus Cell.

Now on the outside the Micro Focus Cell looks like a simply black masking cuvette with a small hole for the light to pass.  However, the inside of the Micro Focus Cell is nothing close to simply.  The MFC is the largest step in the perfection of small sample cuvette engineering, and we'll start by looking at the optics.

Micro Focus Cell Optics System for DNA Quantification

The optics system in the MFC is second to none.  Never has the spectroscopy world seen such complex optics in such a compact device.  The MFC works by focusing the beam of a spectrophotometer through a series of high precision lenses.  The beam goes directly through the sample, and when it exits the other side it is focused again for perfect alignment with the spectrophotometers detector. 

This method using focusing lenses rather than mirrors gives the MFC a unique advantage.  First off it saves scientists precious time because the cell alignment is always perfect.  Second is that the optical beam passes directly through the sample which means highly accurate results.  There are absolutely no mirrors, prisms, or fiber optics in the MFC.

Micro Focus Cell Capacity

Researchers who contacted Precision Cells all had the same issue on their minds and that was the sample size.  In short, many scientists just could not afford to run DNA experiments due to the high cost of the test samples.  Well PC answered by delivering a sub-micro sample size of 1.9 nm.  Also, PC can provide an even smaller size if a researcher needs.

Since the sample size is a mere drop, this saves researchers the hassle of having to dilute the DNA quantification sample.  This also saves time and brain power because no complicated dilution calculations are required.  Plus the samples are easily retrievable meaning the same sample can be run multiple times.

Using the Micro Focus Cell for DNA Quantification

The Micro Focus Cell is the easiest sub micro cuvette to use hands down.  The MFC features a top loading stage that does not require any caps or disassembly.  All a user has to do is apply a drop of sample to the optical stage, lower the stage into the cell body and take the measurement.  Then if the researcher chooses they can easily clean the MFC or remove the DNA quantification sample with a micro pipette.

These are just a few of the many features for the Micro Focus Cell.  There is truly no doubt that every serious scientist who is involved in DNA quantification will need one of these high end ultra micro cuvettes.  Come see what the MFC has to offer and start getting better DNA results today.