NIST-Traceable Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards

NIST-Traceable Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards

With the complex and delicate process of measuring light intensity, today’s scientists are in need of precise spectrophotometer standards. Accurate calibration standards are essential for exact readings and quality assurance. Without precise calibration standards, analysis and tests results have a high potential for being inaccurate. When analysis is incorrect it not only wastes valuable time but it consumes resources.

The importance of high quality calibration standards cannot be over emphasized. The ideal spectrophotometer standards are achieved by the use of filters that are standardized by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), USA.  It is also imperative that calibration standards are both NIST traceable and NIST compatible.

In today’s laboratory, most devices are NIST traceable. However, NIST traceable may not be sufficient for correct calibration of spectrophotometers. This is because NIST traceable filters do not warrant any data for tolerances of neutral density (ND) filters such as wavelength deviation, temperature, humidity environment, optical density variation and incident light-angle sensitivity.  In contrast, ND filters that are NIST-compatible provide a laboratory with data for all tolerances of ND filters.

NIST compatibility is vital for accurate calibration standards.   However, finding quality spectrophotometer standards may be a challenge for many laboratories.  The majority of calibration standards are NIST traceable but not NIST compatible. Precision Cells is a standard-bearer in the spectroscopy field that specializes in precise calibration standards.  They are a leading quartz manufacturer that provides precise spectrophotometer standards as well as fabrication and the design of superior flow cells, quality cuvettes and superior microfluidic chips. What's more, PC offers spectrophotometer calibration standards that are both NIST traceable and NIST compatible.  

PC focuses on providing superior products that not only meets calibration standards but oftentimes exceeds them. With foresight and diligence, PC designed a new innovative calibration standard.   In the past, laboratories used highly breakable liquid calibration filters that only lasted a few years. The liquid filters were very expensive and quite fragile. With months of research, PC produced a pioneering solid-state quantum resonance filter. Today, the development of PC’s spectrophotometer calibration standard filters has replaced the non-conducive liquid filters. 

Calibration Standard Filters

Calibration standard filters are for testing the photometric precision of spectrophotometers for stray light performance, UV and VIS ranges plus infrared (IR). The PC calibration filter is a firm and easy to use device that maximizes state-of-the-art technology. It has a wide array of attributes that benefits today’s laboratory researchers. Some of the many features include:

  • Never degrades
  • Never needs to be recalibrated
  • Extremely robust and easy to clean
  • Is NIST compatible and NIST certified
  • Can be customized to fit the needs of a laboratory
  • Has an immeasurable lifespan  and never needs to be replaced

Moreover, the PC spectrophotometer standards are very diffuse, have resolute reflectance and are thermally stable. In addition, their calibration standards have accurate consistency and wavelength scale precision of reflectance spectrophotometers. Some of the specialized advanced attributes include:

  • Wide-range absorption spectral data
  • Calibrates wavelength of moderate to high resolution
  • Peak absorbance wavelengths are available for calibration
  • Tests wavelength calibration in visible and near infrared spectrum regions
  • Calibration data is proportional to maximum absorbance plus exceeds standards 
  • Calibration standards are consistent  with high resolvable peaks and solid absorbance

Leading the industry in quartz silica products, PC Precision Cells offers the ideal solution for the growing demands of quality and economical products.  With cutting-edge technology, PC meets and exceeds premium spectrophotometers standards.  They provide researchers the amenity of never having to recalibrate or invest in another calibration kit.  Resolutely, Precision Cells has the most proficient and highest quality calibration standards in the industry.