They Laughed at Our Standard Reference Materials, Until They Saw The Results

They Laughed at Our Standard Reference Materials, Until They Saw The Results

Picture yourself running the most advanced set of experiments.  You open up your $50,000 spectrophotometer, insert your priceless DNA sample, and run a day of tests.  You present your hard days work to your boss and all of a sudden you see their happy expression drop.  They look at you sadly and  say "these results are way off."  Next comes the question "Did you calibrate the spectrophotometer before you started working?"

Hopefully you are not like the person in the example above.  You know the value of using only the best calibration standards for your experiment.  But which ones are the best and how do you choose?  All calibration kits require costly re-calibration that ends up costing almost as much as the kit itself (est. $300 per standard).  The good news is that Precision Cells has discovered a break-through in the spectrophotometer calibration industry: Nano-Deposition Layering.

Nano-Deposition Layering is a process in which Precision Cells applies a special multi-layered coating to the neutral density glass.  This multi-layered coating locks in the original properties of the material.  This means that these spectrophotometer calibration standards never require recalibration due to material aging. 

Standard Reference Materials NIST 2031a - Metal on Quartz Kit

Precision Cells has just released a new standard reference materials kit for NIST 2031a - Metal on Quartz replacement filters.  This kit is highly sought after and only a handful of companies make it.  Other companies kits require yearly re-calibration that costs thousands of dollars per year.

PC is happy to add the standard reference materials NIST 2031a - Metal on Quartz replacement kit to their growing line of Nano-Deposition Layered calibration standards.  This kit is packaged with three premium NIST 2031a compatible standards (10%T, 30%T, 90%T), instructions for use, and a Lifetime Warranty (see amazing details below).

PC is the only calibration company that uses the same exact equipment and procedures as NIST.  Each filter is tested at least 9 times before leaving the factory.  The Metal on Quartz replacement standards are carefully calibrated for photometric accuracy on a high grade Perkin Elmer spectrophotometer. 

Specs and Tolerances for Our Standard Reference Materials

The tolerance of PC's NIST 2031a standard reference materials kit outperforms all other calibration kits with the tightest tolerances of +/-0.0022au.  NIST guidelines allow a larger tolerance for Metal on Quartz kits which is +/-0.0024au. 

Another benefit is the transmission range for the Metal on Quartz replacement kit.  This kit uses PC's FUV technology with provides a transmission range of 200-700nm. This means  that a user can test any wavelength in this range (ex. 201nm, 499nm, etc).

Lifetime Warranty

The Lifetime Warranty ensures that PC lives up to their word and delivers standard reference materials that never require re-calibration.  If a standard does fall out of calibration, PC will replace the standard no questions asked.

There's more, on top of the Lifetime Warranty, PC also provides a money back guarantee.  If for some reason you are not happy with our standard reference materials NIST 2031a - Metal on Quartz replacement kit, simply return it for a full refund.    PC even pays the shipping for the return.

For a limited time PC is offering a giant discount of over $100 off the retail price on our standard reference materials NIST 2031a - Metal on Quartz replacement kit.   How are you going to buy this amazing kit?  Simply click this link and add the FUV Kit 6 to your cart.  At the checkout enter the coupon code, "ilovepc" and you're all set.  Be a genius and buy one today.