We did the impossible with our WAV-1 Holmium oxide glass filter

How would you like to be able to say that you have the only solid-state holmium oxide filter that not only never needs recalibration, but also has the treasured 241.5 nm peak?  Well your dreams have just come true. 

241.5 nm Solid-state Holmium Oxide Peak Accomplished

In the past, many of our customers had to buy our liquid holmium oxide filter because our solid-state WAV-1 UV/VIS did not have the 241.5 nm peak.  Well all that has changed now.

Thanks to our genius calibration engineer, we have greatly improved the manufacturing technology of our WAV-1 UV/VIS holmium oxide filter.  This new development has allowed us the ability to see the 241.5 nm peak on a solid-state holmium oxide filter.

Never in the history of calibration standards has anyone ever been able to make this statement, until now.  So we are proud to say that we not only offer you a holmium oxide filter that never needs recalibration but now has the 241.5 nm peak.

Benefits of WAV-1 UV/VIS holmium oxide filter

  • Savings of $500+ per year in re-calibration costs.
  • 11 NIST Traceable peaks that includes 241.5 nm.
  • Solid-state material so there is no chance of the standard freezing and breaking.
  • You always have the standard on hand in your lab, due to no re-calibration lead times.
  • Fully NIST Traceability certified by NRC-Canada, and US Pharmacopeia.
  • WAV-1 is made in a ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab
  • Lifetime warranty


For customers who are required to send out their calibration standards for re-certification, we offer a full re-certification service for our WAV-1 UV/VIS holmium oxide filter.  You can read about the details of our re-cert service here.  The best part is it only costs $99 per filter.

Every lab that works in the UV/VIS must have a holmium oxide filter to ensure their spectrophotometer is working correctly.  If you want to get the best results and save money, then you need to buy a WAV-1 UV/VIS filter now. 

Click this link to go to the page to purchase this holmium oxide filter.

Link to our liquid Holmium Perchlorate wavelength standard.