Micro Focus Cell Price Slashed In Half

Micro Focus Cell Price Slashed in Half

Since the release of the Micro Focus Cell back in 2011 there have been many customers approaching Precision Cells to try out this cell.  The main question on everyone’s mind was, “why does this thing cost so much?”  Once scientists looked at the extensive benefits that the Micro Focus Cell has to offer, the pricing was no longer in question.

Pricing Problem

Now we are in 2014 and as a responsible company that needs to meet the demand of its customers, we felt it necessary to re-address the “why does this thing cost so much?” question.  So we improved our production methods.  We revamped our overhead costs.  We even had many tedious meetings but we finally did it.  We finally can offer our customers the coveted Micro Focus Cell for half of what the cell use to cost.

Micro Focus Cell New Low Price

When we first released the MFC the price tag was $3,999.  We ran a few promotions that offered a great price of $2,800.  But we didn’t feel this price was good either.   We are proud to publically announce a new low price of $2,200 for the MFC. 

What Has Precision Cells Done to Lower the MFC Price?

I’m sure there are people who are wondering, “Ok they lowered the price so it must be made cheaper now.”  Or “I bet they’re getting it made in China.”  Well both of these statements are incorrect.  We still use all the same components, lens, machined parts, and Japanese optics as the original design.  The only difference now is that we have taken manufacturing to a much higher scale and we can pass the savings on to our customers.  Also, our technology has greatly improved over the past 3 years.

What Should I Do Now?

How easy is it for you to send an e-mail?  What you need to do now is sign-up to try the Micro Focus Cell in your lab.  Simply send us an e-mail and let us know that you want to try a MFC, for free of charge, in your lab today.

The free trial is for 2 weeks with no obligation.  If the MFC does not work for your experiment, then just send it back to us.  We even pay the shipping both ways so you do not have to lay out any money.

Some More Facts

  • The MFC is the only cuvette that is certified by NRC Canada.
  • The MFC comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.
  • The MFC can be used in any spectrophotometer in your lab that has a 10 mm cuvette holder.
  • The MFC has a fixed lightpath, ensuring the highest possible repeatability.
  • The MFC has zero alignment issues that all other micro cells possess.

We need everyone to experience the power of the Micro Focus Cell in their lab.  Once you try the MFC, you will throw out all other cuvettes.

Again just e-mail us to get an MFC today.