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Precision Cells Type 8830 HPLC Flow Cell (Lightpath 0.25mm) 

UV Quartz (190-2,500nm)
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  • Fluorometer Micro Flow Cells
  • Four windows polished

  1. Flow Tube Dimensions:                    1.50 OD and 0.25mm ID by 75.00mm long
  2. Sample Cavity Dimensions:              1.0mm x 1.0mm x 21.0 mm
  3. Nominal Capacity:                                20 micro liters
This cell has been designed to facilitate the monitoring of HPLC fractions whilst using a spectrofluorometer.
The sample cavity is constructed so that the sample volume is kept to a minimum ( 20 micro liters nominal).  The cell has a large aperture capable of accepting the full exciting and fluorescent radiation.  A fluorescence free grade of fused silica has been carefully selected for the construction of the cell which is of a square cross section.  The flat sides ensure that any scattering of the incident radiation is kept to a minimum but still allows maximum throughput.
The sample cavity is mounted in an aluminum alloy housing 12.5mm square.  Both flow tubes are fitted to the upper face and are 1.5mm OD and 0.25mm ID by 75mm long.
This construction enables the cell to fit any cuvette holder designed for standard fluorescence cuvettes.
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