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Safe And Beyond Water Filter For Laboratory or Home Use 

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REALLY GOOD WATER is NOT just "Safe" water. SAB - The Safe And Beyond All-In-One Water Purification System For Laboratory or Home Use (including water for drinking and food preparation). The SAB boasts a host of features that only very few of the most modern competitive systems can match but at significantly higher cost.


During the last decade FDA and EPA conducted in-depth independent and joints studies on danger of any contaminants in drinking water. While realizing substantial danger of many of such contaminants, due to limitations of the most modern water-purification technology (including but not limited to Reverse Osmosis Systems), EPA had no choice as to established so-called legal water contamination limits which often exceed several times desirable health water contamination limits.

IMPORTANT: exceeding health limits (even though NOT necessarily exceeding legal limits) possess substantial DANGER of acquiring cancerous illnesses and other severe health risks). 
Using our internal resources, we LAWFULLY acquired access to information on legal vs. health limits AND the statistics of municipal water purification for almost every area in the USA. For example, one of the best US water purification plants in California delivers citizens water within legal water quality limits BUT far ABOVE HEALTH LIMITS. Unfortunately, this is a very common situation across the entire USA.

Call us to obtain statistical legal/vs. health limits information in your area (note: certain customers may not be eligible to obtain the said here information, as per internal NSG Precision Cells policies).

Due to affect of water distribution systems to the overall drinking water quality, to our best knowledge SAB is the ONLY practical solution towards bringing the end-user water within desirable health limits.

Technical Specifications of Safe and Beyond! Premium-quality  Water Purification System

SAB is available in two configurations: Basic and Advanced. 

The Basic SAB (SAB-B) significantly reduces very broad-spectrum residual chemical contamination which routinely passes through municipal and private  water purification systems (including also contamination passing through Reverse Osmosis systems).

The Advanced (SAB-A) also eliminates bacteria, protozoa, and fungus contamination of drinking water which otherwise often occurs as a result of imperfection of water distribution systems and randomly occurring malfunctions at water purification facilities. By the way, these malfunctions happen much more often than one can think of.

Finally, unlike any other known to us water purification/safety device, the SAB does NOT reduce the water flow while producing the safest drinking water for home or laboratory use.

SAB COULD BE EASILY INSTALLED on a wall, on the floor, or in a under-sink cabinet (i.e. in a kitchen). Unless otherwise required by state, county, or local code at the location of the installation of SAB, help of a licensed plumber IS NOT REQUIRED. It is the sole obligation of a buyer of SAB to check the above with the said codes.



  • Compliance  - NSF 42 (NSF International Standards / American National Standards are described at
  • Microorganisms’ cyst reduction - at least 15 times at 2 ¾  L/min water flow, NSF 53 compliant (see below for more details)
  • Lead reduction – at least 15 times at 2 ¾  L/min water flow, NSF 53 compliant (see below for more details)
  • Other metals reduction -  up to 100 times at 2 ¾  L/min water flow
  • Turbidity reduction - at least 15 times at 2 ¾  L/min water flow, NSF 53 compliant (see below for more details)
  • Suspended Solids reduction at least 6 times  for particles equivalent diameter 0.55 – 1.5 micron at 2 ¾  L/min water flow
  • Suspended Solids reduction at least 100 times  for particles equivalent diameter above 1.5 micron at 2 ¾  L/min water flow
  • Chlorine reduction – up to 10 times at 2 ¾  L/min water flow
  • Other dissolved chemicals reduction – up to 15 times at 2 ¾  L/min water flow
  • Bad Taste and Odor (undesirable dissolved gases) reduction – up to 100 times at 2 ¾  L/min water flow
  • Operation and storage temperature: above 2 degree C and below 30 degree C
  • Maximum total and differential water pressure: 6.7 bar (100 psi)
  • Safe and Beyond! systems are designed to process the total water volume at least 5,250 Gal /20,000 liters which is sufficient for up to 3 years use in the typical under-sink kitchen point-of-use residential setting.
  • The system dimensions: length <16” and the diameter <5” (flexible pipes’ dimensions not Included).
  • This product is designed for residential and commercial point-of-use applications for the purpose of significant reduction of certain contamination in drinking water as described herein where source water is supplied by a municipality or is taken of a residential well.


All the above + reduction of concentration of bacteria, protozoa, and fungus in water at least 1000 times, as tested per the most reputable NSF-53 standard.

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Specification Sheet
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SAB-B SAB-B Each $299.00
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SAB-A SAB-A Each $450.00
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