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P82 Electronic Cell Stirrer 

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Stir cell content content while measuring absorbance. Fits all standard spectrophotometers and fluorometers.
The sample is mixed by a tiny magnetic stir bar which is placed at the bottom of your cell. A small electronic rotation magnet assembly is placed under the cell in the cell compartment. This raises the cell up 5mm, which allows you to use less sample volume and will not interfere with your unit's operation. Speed of mixer's rotation is controlled by an external controller connected by a 36" long paper thin ribbon, allowing your instrument to close normally.

  • Included with each P82 is the controller and the electronic magnetic stirring assembly.
  • Controller is 4"x2.5"x3" high (including speed controller knob).
  • Magnetic stir bar fits any 10x10mm ID cell and will stir up to 30mm in internal height.
  • The bar is 8mm highx9.5mm in diameter. Available for 100-120 or 220-240 VAC wall current.
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P/N Description Unit of Measure (UOM) Price Quantity  
P82- 240 VAC 240VAC- Euro Edition each $1299.00
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P82- 110 VAC 110VAC- US Edition each $1299.00
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