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Vacuum flask not included

Precision Cell Washers- Type P65S (Single Cuvette Washer) 

$109.00 / each
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A fast and easy way to clean your cuvettes.
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You can buy a complete cuvette washer kit here.

Precision Cells has been manufacturing special glass cuvette washers for over 15 years.  All Precision Cells cuvette washers are handmade and are built to last for multiple uses without contamination.

These cuvette washers are designed to quickly clean and dry your cuvettes with no handling involved. 
Benefits of using the P65S Single Cuvette Washer:
  • Fast cuvette cleaning action
  • Easy to use - all you do is turn the cuvette upside down and run your cleaning solution
  • Capable of handling multiple cleaning solutions in succession
  • Leave cuvettes in place for quick drying action
  • Can clean cuvettes from 3 mm lightpath - 10 mm lightpath
  • Reduces handling and chances of breakages
  • Vacuum flask and pump not included

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