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Precision Cells Type TGC-10 PTFE FTIR Gas Cell 

$1299.00 / Assembly
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PTFE Gas Cell for FTIR
  • Gas cell is constructed in PTFE.
  • O Rings are used each end to seal Windows with Anodised Aluminium Caps.
  • Two PFA Valves are connected to Body of Gas Cell.
  • Window size 38 Dia x 6mm, Clear Aperture 25mm Dia.
  • Volume 50cc.
  • Valve Outlet Connection (6. 35mm).
  • Two (6. 35mm) PTFE Tubes with Rifle ends are supplied for connecting with Laboratory Tubing.
  • Slide plate holder with Captive Screw to lock Gas Cell on holder.
  • Gas Cell is supplied with Slide Plate Holder in Presentation Case.

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