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PAL-102S Oil Refractometer 

$313.50 / Each
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International Protection Class: IP65 Dust-tight and Protected against water jets.
  • Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Cutting Oil Meter PAL-102S is designed for controlling the concentration of cutting oils.
  • This is most suitable for the measurement of the percent dilution and controlling the percent concentration of hydraulic oil and cleaning liquid.
  • Cutting oil, molding lubricant and rust resistance liquid are also well within the measurement range of the PAL-102S.
  • With a water resistant design, the PAL-102S can also float in water which will help to prevent unforeseen accidents.
  • Quick and easy measurements can be taken with the PAL-102S anywhere on your factory floor.
Measurement Range 0.0 to 70.0%
Measurement Accuracy +-0.2%
Measurement Temperature 10 to 75 Degrees C
Measurment Time 3 Seconds
Resolution 0.1%
Ambient Temperature 10 to 40 Degrees C
Sample Volume 0.3ml
Power Supply 2 X AAA Batteries
Dimensions & Weight 55X31X109mm, 100g

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