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PAL-08S Digital Pocket Seawater Baume Salinity Refractometer 

$350.00 / Each
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Digital Seawater Refractometer
Model PAL-08S Cat.No. 4408
Measurement Range Seawater (Baume): 0.0 to 10.0 Resolution Seawater Baume: 0.1 
Temperature 0.1C
Measurement Accuracy Sodium Chloride: 0.2 
Temperature 1C
Ambient Temperature 10 to 40C
Measurement Temperature 10 to 40C ( Automatic Temperature Compensation ) Sample Volume 0.3 ml
Power supply 2 AAA Batteries
MeasurementTime 3 seconds Dimensions & weight 55(W)31(D)109(H)mm, 100g (Main Unit only)
Optional  MAGIC : RE-39411
 PAL-CASE : RE-39409
 10% Sucrose Solution (0.03%) : RE-110010
 20% Sucrose Solution (0.03%) : RE-110020
International Protection class  IP65 Dust-tight and Protected agai

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