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Master-URC/NM Urine Refractometer 

$161.50 / Each
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  • The MASTER-SUR/NM is designed for clinical purposes: "Serum Protein", "Specific Gravity of Urine" and "Refractive Index".
  • The plastic body model is designed to be resistant salty and acidic samples.
  • The MASTER-SUR/NM is a good alternative choice when the water resistant feature is not a priority and the Temperature Compensation will be carried out manually.
  • Not equipped with the Automatic Temperature Compensation feature.
Scale Range Urine S.G. scale: 1.000 to 1.060, Serum protein scale: 0.0 to 12.0g/100ml, Refractive index scale (nD): 1.3330 to 1.3660
Minimum Scale Urine S.G. scale: 0.001, Serum protein scale: 0.2g/100ml, Refractive index scale (nD) 0.0005
Size & Weight 3.3X3.3X20.4cm, 100g

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