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UG-Alpha Urine Refractometer 

$945.25 / Each
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  • This new Digital Urine Specific Gravity Refractometer UG-alpha is an upgraded version of the late UG-1.
  • The minimum scale indication has been improved to display up to the fourth decimal.
  • After pressing the START key, with the sample placed on the prism, the measurement values will be displayed on the LCD streaming as an electric message board.
  • The body and the display's frame colors has been renewed too.
Scale Range Urine S.G. scale 1.0000 to 1.0600
Meaurement accuracy Urine S.G. scale +-0.0010
Ambient Temperature 10 to 35 degrees C
Minimum Indication Urine S.G. scale 0.0001
Measuremen Temperature 10 to 35 degrees C
Power Supply 006P Dry battery (9V)
Dimension & Weight 17x9X4cm, 300g (Main Unit Only)

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