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Precision Cells Type 5 Macro Cuvette with Rounded Bottom and PTFE Cover (Lightpath 10mm) 

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The Precision Cells Type 5 Cuvette is exactly the same as Type 1 - 10 mm. The only difference is that Type 5 is made with three pieces of quartz (one piece for the U-Shaped walls and two pieces for the front and back windows).
Many scientists and researchers prefer the Type 5 cuvette for the following reasons;
  1. Less expensive than Type 1 - 10 mm, but offers the same optical transmission
  2. Rounded bottom for easier cleaning
  3. Best value for a standard 10 mm cuvette
Features of Precision Cells Type 5 Spectrophotometer Cuvette:

  • Highly accurate results, only need to test sample one time
  • Accurate repeatability, Precision Cells cuvettes are made with only the highest quality quartz and glass materials
  • Standard spectrophotometer cuvette with PTFE cover, rounded corners
  • Made by hand, ensuring the highest quality optical polish with no defects.
  • Every cell is thoroughly inspected before leaving the factory. 
  • Precision Cells cuvettes are guaranteed to give you the best optical transmission.
  • Fire fused to ensure the best bonding.
  • Two different materials available: (Optical Glass, UV Quartz)
  • Two windows optically polished.
  • Place your order on-line using the chart below.

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  Outer Inner  
Light Path Top Outer Length(mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Capacity (ml)  
10mm PTFE Cover  12.5  12.5  45.0  10.0  10.0  3.500  View Pricing Info
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These cells are terrific! Much easier to clean than the type 1, and maybe, more durable around undergraduates!! Less chips on the bottom corners........

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