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Micro Focus Cell (Capacity 1.9ul) 

$2200.00 / Each
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Deadlines. Grants. Quality research. Reputation.

You need the best equipment on hand.

The Micro Focus Cell will let you do your job quickly and efficiently. This cell lets you work cleanly, quickly, and provides accurate and reproducible results.

This is absolutely guaranteed.

You have enough to think about. Let the Micro Focus Cell take some work off your hands.
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Applications For The Micro Focus Cell:
  • DNA Measurement
  • RNA Measurement
  • DNA Quantification
  • Nucleic Acid Analysis
  • Protein Concentration
  • All small volume applications (0.3 ~ 1.9 ul)
  • Only the Micro Focus Cell can offer these guarantees:
  • Quick: Load and empty your sample into the cell without even removing it from the machine. This equals consistent alignment through multiple tests.
  • Guaranteed to work in your spectrophotometer (any Z dimension/center height is compatible) Leak proof design. Our job is design and manufacture the most innovative and quality cuvettes. Your job is to use them and change the world: 0.1ul at a time. Let us know how else we can help.

Try A Micro Focus Cell Risk Free

For a limited time we are offering our customers a chance to experience what the Micro Focus Cell can do for them with no obligation.á Simply send an e-mail to or give us a call at 347-441-4277 and let us know that you would like to try out this revolutionary ultra micro cell.á We will send you a free Micro Focus Cell to try in your lab for two weeks and if the MFC is not what we claim, simply send the cell back to us and we'll cover the shipping.

The Micro Focus Cell is a great ultra micro cell for the following machines:
  • Eppendorf Biophotometer Plus
  • Implen NanoPhotometer
  • BioRad SmartSpec Plus Spectrophotometer
  • Perkin Elmer Lambda Bio
Find the correct z-dimension for your machine at the following URL:
Lightpath 1mm
Capacity 1.9Ál
Wavelength range 190-2,000nm
Dimensions 12.5x12.5x45mm
Z-Dimensions Accomodated 8.5mm, 15mm, 20mm

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Product Comments & Ratings

by Dr. Paul X.

Why should I pay $4,000.00 for the micro focus cell if I can buy a traditional micro-cell for below $300?

Yes, I know the answer. The micro-focus cells uses a unique optical technology which increases the light intensity through the cell 36 times comparably to using a traditional micro-cell. It allows evaluation of samples of extremely high optical density.

Yet, the micro-focus cell has that "magic" ability to virtually eliminate samples cross-contamination with very little cleaning efforts.

Finally, ability to change samples virtually instantaneously while the micro-focus cell is located inside a spectrophotometer holder is truly unique.

Yes, this micro-focus cell has unseen performance and it's made for high-end labs. It is expensive for those who don't need it, and it is priceless for those who needs it. I need it and I like it very much.

Doctor X.

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