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WAV-7 UV/VIS Wavelength & UV Photometric Accuracy Didymium Calibration Standard 

$689.00 / each
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WAV-7 Didymium glass combined wavelength accuracy and photometric accuracy filter.

Welcome to the home of PC's solid-state UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards. The world's only standards that NEVER need recalibration.

All PC calibration standards are NIST traceable and NIST compliant. Performance of all PC reference calibration standards, including but not limited to this standard, meet or exceed NIST requirements.

Unless recalibrations on a periodic basis are required by QA procedures of a customerís organization, all PC solid-state calibration standards do not need to be re-calibrated due to materiaI aging.

Where required, PC will provide periodic re-calibrations. Contact us for more information.
Capabilities:Product specs:
  • Wavelength tolerance: +/- 0.2nm
  • Wavelength peaks: 329, 472, 512, 681, 875nm
  • Photometric tolerance: +/- 0.0024au
  • Photometric accuracy verification points: 270, 280, 300, 320, 340nm
Benefits of using the WAV-7 UV/VIS:
  • Highly accurate and consistent spectrophotometer calibration every time
  • Never have to be replaced
  • Patented nano-deposition manufacturing process means that filters never have to be recalibrated if used properly
  • Scratch-resistant coating protects optical surfaces
  • Can be used in any spectrophotometer (with standard 12.5 x 12.5 x 45mm holder)
  • NIST-compliant 
  • For each WAV-7 UV/VIS we provide a wavelength & photometric trace-file with 0.1nm steps.
Included with WAV-7 UV/VIS:
  • Instructions are included with every WAV-7 UV/VIS filter.
  • Certificate of calibration with NIST traceability.
  • Photometric and wavelength data tables are included.

Typical wavelength values obtained:
Nominal range-> 875 nm    681 nm   512 nm   472 nm
SBW nm   nm   nm   nm
0.1 875.04   684.62   513.35   481.13
0.25 875.04   684.59   513.47   481.08
0.5 874.94   684.47   513.36   480.99
1 875   684.53   513.51   480.99
1.5 875.08   684.62   513.37   480.92
2 875.08   684.55   513.51   480.75
3 875   684.53   513.51   480.99

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I am pleased, the WAV-7 UV/VIS Wavelength & UV Photometric Accuracy Didymium Calibration Standard arrived well packaged, clean, ready to use, with NIST traceable Certificate of Calibration!

by Franco Giglifiore

We are a calibration lab and purchased the WAV-7 standard to recalibrate our customers' spectrophotometers. The WAV-7 is great to certify wavelength accuracy with traceability.
With the provided data table, the test can be made across a wide spectral range, testing the full performance of the instrument.

Franco Giglifiore, Technical Manager, Kinetics Calibration.

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