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WAV-1 UV-VIS Advanced Holmium Oxide Wavelength Accuracy Calibration Standard 

$699.00 / each
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Welcome to the home of PC's solid-state UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards. The world's only standards that NEVER need recalibration.

All PC calibration standards are NIST traceable and NIST compliant. Performance of all PC reference calibration standards, including but not limited to this standard, meet or exceed NIST requirements.

Unless recalibrations on a periodic basis are required by QA procedures of a customer’s organization, all PC solid-state calibration standards do not need to be re-calibrated due to materiaI aging.

Where required, PC will provide periodic re-calibrations. Contact us for more information.

The WAV-1 UV-VIS calibration standard allows calibration of wavelength accuracy of spectrophotometers in the ultra-violet (UV) and visible (VIS) range. PC offers the only holmium glass reference standard in the world that has the highly demanded wavelength peak of 241.5nm for verifications relating to DNA measurements and other applications.

Reminder: The measured wavelengths’ peaks depend, among other factors, on the user’s spectrophotometer’s slit-width (spectral band-pass). Our calibration measurements are provided with at a 1 nm slit-width and could also be performed at the customer-desired slit-width(s) for an extra fee to be set on per-case basis

All calibration kits come with the following:

  • Precision Cells Unique Lifetime Warranty
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Instructions on how to properly use calibration standards

We provide the following NIST-compliant peak values for the wavelength accuracy calibration of spectrophotometers:  (Values below are examples)

  • 241.5 nm
  • 279.3 nm
  • 287.6 nm
  • 333.8 nm
  • 360.8 nm
  • 385.8 nm
  • 418.5 nm
  • 453.4 nm
  • 459.9 nm
  • 536.4 nm
  • 637.5 nm

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I am pleased, the WAV-1 UV-VIS Advanced Holmium Oxide Wavelength Accuracy Calibration Standard arrived well packaged, clean, ready to use, with NIST traceable Certificate of Calibration!

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