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Combined Ultra-Pure and RO Water Purification Systems 

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These machines are manufactured based on Crystal Source CDT10 technology which was awarded by WQA ( with Gold Seal Certificate in 2011 in all three NSF categories: turbidity reduction, particulates reduction, and disinfection (NSF 42, NSF 53, and NSF55 Class A).

Unique advantages: In addition to proven technical performance, no disposables required for removal of suspended solids, which gives users ongoing substantial savings because there is no need to change filtration cartridges.

All equipment comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Extra warranty may be purchased for a negotiable price depending on a user’s application.


  • Models UPRO-EZ: Biochemical analysis, reagent preparation, microbiology media preparation etc.
  • Special features: for UPRO-XL model only: Particulates<1 /ml, Bacterial<1cfu/ml
  • Source water:
  • Municipal tap water (TDS<200ppm, water pressure 15-60Psi, water temperature 40°F -110°F)
  • Finished water:
  •           Dual output: Ultrapure (UP) water (Resistivity up to 18.2Mom/cm) and RO water (Conductivity below 5 μs/cm)
  • Finished Water Flow: Up to 0.5Gal/min at full tank
  • Finished Water Production Rate, up to:
  • Models UPRO-EZ-1 and UPRO-XL-1: 1.32 Gal/hour
  • Models UPRO-EZ-2 and UPRO-XL-2: 2.64 Gal/hour
  • Models UPRO-EZ-5 and UPRO-XL-5: 5.28 Gal/hour
  • Real-Time online monitoring of finished water conductivity and resistivity
  • Fully Automatic (including also flushing the RO membrane)
  • 4-Gal built-in water pressure-tank
  • Online monitoring the resistivity of UP ultra pure water in all models
  • Online monitoring the conductivity of RO pure water in UPRO-LX models
  • Low electric power consumption: AC110V-220V,  50W nominal, 100W -max
  • Dimensions: 13”x18”x20”
  • Weight: 65Lb
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P/N Description Unit of Measure (UOM) Price Quantity  
UPRO-EZ-1 1.32 Gal/hour Each $4900.00
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UPRO-XL-2 2.64 Gal/hour Each $7500.00
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UPRO-XL-1 1.32 Gal/hour Each $5900.00
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UPRO-EZ-5 5.28 Gal/hour Each $6900.00
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UPRO-EZ-2 2.64 Gal/hour Each $5700.00
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