Recalibration Service for Customers' Standards

Still using old outdated liquid standards?  Let us recalibrate and re-certify them for a fraction of the cost. Precision Cells is currently offering NIST-compatible calibration services for ANY type of calibration kits in the range of 195nm to 1085nm for standards that have outside dimensions of a standard glass-cell 12.5mm X 12.5 mm. Other wavelengths ranges will soon be available.

Since there are many types and manufacturers of spectrophotometry calibration kits, in order to receive our quotation please send us an email or fax a copy of your current certificate for your kit(s) which outlines the specific wavelengths and/or absorption  values which need to be recalibrated and recertified and let us take care of the rest.

Note:  Customers must provide us with a signed statement that the standards sent to us for verification of performance and recalibration are free from nuclear, biological, chemical, and other forms of contamination which may be dangerous.

Precision Cells' NIST Re-certification Process Includes the following:

  1. Inspecting the standards under microscope to ensure that there are no scratches, cracks, and/or spills which may affect performance of the standards.
  2. Cleaning spills (if found) and re-checking under the microscope and rejecting damaged standards
  3. Conducting the recalibration using the high-end spectrophotometer
  4. Recording the recalibration data
  5. Packing and shipping the re-calibrated standards to customers

Recalibration Fees

Our fees are very reasonable.  If you are interested in having us recalibrate your calibration standards please send an e-mail to or call us at +1-347-441-4277.