Spectrophotometer Calibration

The world's first and only spectrophotometer calibration standards that never require recalibration!

The term calibration is used to correlate the results of an instrument with the standards. In spectrophotometer calibration, scientific instrument known as a spectrophotometer is calibrated to give the result according to the standard. Spectrophotometer calibration is very important to check whether the results obtained by a scientific instrument are accurate or not.

For calibrating, spectrophotometer UV-VIS calibration standard kits are used for accurate and consistent spectrophotometer calibration every time you need. Spectrophotometer calibration kits are easy to handle and one Precision Cells kit will last forever. Please visit FireflySci.com for more spectrophotometer calibration kits.

At PrecisionCells.com, we offer a wide range of NIST traceable spectrophotometer calibration standard kits for calibrating your spectrophotometers to get the most accurate result in Spectrophotometry. Our wide range of calibration NIST Reference Standards includes:

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